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Alain Margaron’s letter, february 2018

The gallery has once again found a spectacular fluidity as it does every two years when we show Laubiès.  His work emanates great serenity and is good for us.  The artist invites us to a truly spiritual exercise in contemplating nature.  After having seen his work, we can see nature, especially the seashore and clouds, differently.

Laubiès leads us down the path of meditation and a profound understanding of nature, of our relationship with it, with no trace of outpouring of self.

He speaks little of his work.  Among his declarations, “Matter doesn’t interest me.  Oil, ink, water color are only a medium for me, not an end.  I have never sought to produce a painting, but to participate in the flow of the Universe, in life,…”


The reality he presents to us is fluid.  One feels in communion with him, or even more so, carried away in the same breath, in harmony. Our senses and our attention at its most intense are called upon, especially facing the sky and the sea, where the faraway appears and disappears at the same time.


The forty-five works we show, essentially paintings, are born of long meditation, and the same method, but they are all different and extremely alive.  Laubiès paints little so as not to repeats himself, and only after feeling a strong emotion.