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To the Discovery of a work by Hong InSook

Hong Insook, « Trace », 2018, Gouache and India Ink on paper, 49 x64 cm.


An abstract painting unveils itself under the hands of Hong Insook.

Two parallel rectangles extend from the top to the bottom of the page.

In the front, two rows of funnel-shaped splotches seem to float.  They remind us of apple trees.

On the top left, a triangular form in a lighter color seems far away.

Strokes, only slightly reminding one of the main colors of the painting, give its white color  mother-of-pearl reflections which make one think of jade.

This section seems to strike out at the two sections on the right.  Oblique, they put the painting in perspective.

Suddenly a bucolic scene unfolds under our eyes:  two fields, trees… This makes us look at the painting under the angle of a dynamic hatching.

Vertically, they give the image of a mountainous scene.

Long, the give the impression of depth, or of crevasses which isolate the sections like islands.

Tempestuous, the hatchings underline the serenity and refinement of the colors, the blue-green of antique celadons and rose, to the transparency of the finest porcelain.

Dreams of the Orient….