Artwork Analysis > To the discovery of a work by Fred Deux

To the discovery of a work by Fred Deux

Fred Deux, Untitled, 1962, ink and acrylic on paper, 41 x 31 cm


A suspended form, placed in the center of the composition, occupies almost all of the pictorial surface of the drawing.  This form is accentuated by the mostly neutral background, lightly speckled in the same range of colors.  Then a group of reliefs of shadows and light, powerful shapes on the left and others, more slender on the right, in a rich monochrome of greys.

We see a masculine body with strong legs on the lower left, narrower feminine legs on the right. They leave space for an “organic” game.  A shape that could be a bird singing. Rhythmed with an openwork design, the forms extend upwards and embrace in a pink crimson monochrome.  The biomorphic composition is animated, thanks to the duality of the colors, like the deployment of an organism in gestation.  One could see a dance, an ode to life, a life being born and evolving, but also an ode to the creation, a theme that inspired Fred Deux all through his lifetime.

The mastery of his lines is accentuated by the colors and their nuances.

This important drawing of remarkable quality, reminds us of the illuminations. It comes from the end of a period when Fred Deux looked to the myths and universal allegories which are a part of our bodies and our memories. One could see an interpretation of Greek mythology. The work is given rhythm by alternating full and empty spaces, of lines and curves, of animal, human, or vegetable organic shapes created by the artist.

A battle between antagonistic elements with vertical straight lines on the one hand, and enveloping, sinuous shapes which surround the vertical ones and join them.  The colors participate:  pink is surrounded by more somber greyish nuances.  Could it be a Jason wrapped up in his fleece?  Or a David fighting Goliath?

The drawing evolves with the various interpretations and sentiments of each onlooker, just as numerous and surprising in the astonishing singularity of Fred Deux’s universe.