Artwork Analysis > To the discovery of a work by François Lunven

To the discovery of a work by François Lunven

François Lunven, Untitled, 1965, ball-point pen on paper, 34.5 x 44 cm


A multi-formed creation springs from the right of the sheet of paper and deploys itself.  It rushes forward like a hippocampus in a seabed.  Floating, with no space-time indication this form with its many aspects intrigues our eye by the multitudes of its details. 

Lunven plays with the difficulties of the technique of the ball-point pen.  The nuances of light are shown by the alternating the full and empty spaces, the somber areas very black and others lighter, white, formed by the blank paper circles by ink.

The apparition is composed of hybrid elements mixing two apparently antinomian spheres:  one being organic, the other mechanical. We discover an astonishing morphology with a central corps, a head with rings surrounding it, and tentacular elements emerging from the main body.  This could be a kind of insect, half animal, half machine, escaping the artist’s imagination, a complex imagination, often disquieting, and extremely precise.

The construction is rigorous, the background immaculate, void of lines, to accentuate the impact of this organism from another world.  Membranes composed of a multitude of pen lines evoke muscles, while some curves and lines might be mandibles.

We also con feel the speed of a movement symbolized by the tangled figures which seem to be involved in a frantic competition.  To each his interpretation.  The artist at the age of 24 doesn’t provide all the keys.