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To the discovery of a work by Clara Fierfort

Clara Fierfort, « Incendies 1 », India Ink and gouache on paper, 41 x 20.5 cm


“(Nimrod) little by little transforms the state of things into tyranny. He promises to defend (mankind) against a second punishment from God who wants to inundate the Earth: He builds a tower high enough that the waters can’t rise as high and he even revenges the death of their fathers. (…) they begin building the tower (c…) it rises quicker than supposed.” (Jewish Antiquities, book I 114-115 (chapter IV 2-3)

The “FIRES-Nimrod” series is one variation on the Tower of Babel motif.  The tower that the hunter king Nimrod wanted to build so as to attain the sky, fell down a long time ago and mankind disbursed in the chaos.  Only the yellow dogs and the stray dogs, enslaved, remained when the city is deserted.  They play with wheels of fire which spin, and remind us that cycles perpetuate themselves, nothing remains immobile.  And slowly, smoke from the tires that burned rises to the sky.”  Clara Fierfort

The drawing from the “FIRES” series was done by the young artist Clara Fierfort in 2016.

The wild dogs try to reach the sky and escape the devastating flames on Earth (rare colored element), on the wheel of the car, turning tirelessly. Its fragile equilibrium makes their quest for infinity impossible.

The summit is symbolized by lightning, which seems to strike each being that approaches his destination, sending him back over and over again eternally.  It is symbolized by this wheel, the central element of the work.

Clara Fierfort goes beyond the mere transposition of the Tower of Babel myth:  the joyous drawing is limited.  No element is outside its structure, as if the myth of the impossible ascension is connected to that of the eternal beginning.

The incisive line supported by several splashes of vivid color contributes to shape a cypress shape.  A tree stylized by the Persians in the Boteh motif, which symbolizes life and the mystery of regeneration.  The Tower of Babel has not yet unveiled all its secrets.