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Partnership between the Alain Margaron Galerie and the National Museum of Modern Art


The Gallery has signed a partnership agreement with the National Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou Center concerning the publication of a special series of the “Cahiers du Musée” which accompanies a new exhibition of the 20th Century collection.

For the second time the museum devotes the exhibition folders on the major art merchants Located in France, active from 1905 to 1970.  Ambroise Vollard, Daniel-Henri Kahnweiller, Léonce Rosemberg, Pierre Loeb, Jeanne Bûcher, Christian Zervosn Louis Carré, Galerie de France, Denise René, Aimé et Marguerite Maeght, Colette Allendy, Nina Dausset, Alphonse Chave, Paul Facchetti, A l’étoile scellée, Rudolphe Stadler, Iris Cler, Karl Finkler, Galerie Givaudan.  These major art dealers have all contributed to the recognition of important artists.

Seven of our artists, currently shown in the museum, in particular Réquichot, with eleven works, Fred Deux and Dado, Jean Hélion, René Laubiès, René Duvillier, Zoran Music.

We are proud of the link between the gallery and one of the two most important museums in the world for 20th Century art; probably the first by the importance of the collections and the quality of the showings.

Is there any greater satisfaction for a gallery than to have a prestigious institution show to the public, among the most recognized artists of the century, the artists that it has chosen to defend?  Is it not the best way to prove their force and importance and to strengthen their chances of entering the History of Art.  The major dealers have more often than not been generous with institutions.

We must continue to be, to best defend our artists collectively on the French and international art scene.