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Gradual reopening

During the two months of lockdown, I wanted to keep the links of friendly cultural contact between us open, sharing our way of looking at the works that we love.

Thank you for responding.  A large majority of you regularly consulted our mails.

Being at home more, we were able to measure the importance of seeing once again that the paintings or drawings we love, the ones that speak to us and make us react, that make us engage ourselves, putting words to our feelings in order to describe the things that we hadn’t seen before: a detail, a color, a composition, the painter’s intention, a sensation that hadn’t been discovered, and to put them in correspondence with, or as an echo of, our souvenirs, our life, and our aspirations.

The emotion that they awaken in us, but also the attention and the effort of reflection required, isn’t this the great reward that painting brings to us,  with its capacity to enrichen our lives, our imagination, and our sensibility?

We will continue to communicate with you by internet, to share our analysis of the works, to provide documentation and leave you the leisure to study them quietly at home, to find where the artists go further, what they bring in relationship to others in the history of art.

This communication prepares and completes the visual contact with the works, but doesn’t replace it.

Next week, and until June 13th, you can see most of the paintings that we have discussed as well as some 15 of Hélion’s paintings and drawings that we will also comment about by mail.

We will be open to the public three afternoons per week, Wednesdays, Thursday’s and Saturdays from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. respecting all of the rules for safety.

We also want to organize earlier or later in the day, or on other days, times for visits with a rendez-vous, which will give you the time to see the paintings up close, and if you wish, to talk to us.  Don’t hesitate to call us or send us a mail.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Alain Margaron