René Laubiès

" Par-delà la Nature "

We present a solo exhibition dedicated to René Laubiès that echoes a concomitant exhibition dedicated to the artist at the Musée of l'Abbaye Sainte-Croix des Sables d'Olonne.

Galerie Alain Margaron, Paris

From 7 February 2019 to 23 March 2019

From February 7th to March 16, 2019, the picture rails at the Alain Margaron Gallery will be devoted to works by René Laubiès.  This display accompanies a major exposition of the artist at the Sainte-Croix Abbey Museum in Sables d’Olonne entitled “the instantaneous, the fleeting, the trace”. Sixty-some paintings are presented in the museum, in particular, relatively large format paintings, which are rare for this artist, and thirty-some drawings.

Here we present thirty-five small and medium-sized paintings, and some water-colors.  Most of them are unknown works of the artist released from his workshop, several of which were created during the period that René Laubiès collaborated with the Gallery from 2000 up to his death in 2006.

“Since” his youth in Vietnam”, writes Gaëlle Rageot, director of the Sainte-Croix Abbey museum, “the artist was impregnated with oriental philosophies, discovering calligraphy and Chinese paintings from the Song period.  Thus his work, following a principal of simplicity and “inactivity” advocated by the Tao, is accomplished in a meditative state with the concentration necessary for man to melt into the flux of the universe.  Towards 1956, discernable form disappears in his work giving way to a painting style with no limits, in movement, fluid, almost evanescent. The artist observes the scene in depth in order to obtain its essence.    

The Exhibit in Sables d’Olonne : from February 3rd to May 19, 2019.