" Painting according to Saint St Luke "

From November 14 to December 21, 2019, we are dedicating our new exhibition to Dado. We have selected about forty works showing how an artist mistreats painting under the aegis of the patron saint of painters.

Galerie Alain Margaron, Paris

From 14 November 2019 to 21 December 2019

Towards the year 2000, Dado wanted to break with the codes of his painting, but under the aegis of Saint Luke, patron saint of painters. I discovered an oil painting under a linen sheet, large format, two colored (sanguine, slightly bluish), more drawn that painted.  No research for effects.  I had before me a living condensation of his work on the walls of the chapel of the old leprosy hospital in Gisors near his home. It was his greatest work, the one that regenerated his artistic method.  He baptized this chapel after St Luke. This is why we use this title for our catalogue.

I have seen Dado break up his paintings and drawings, martyrizing them by cutting them up to give them life as collages where nothing is left to chance, in spite of some childish drawings like zones of innocence.  The codes of seduction are broken, and horror is no longer anesthetized by the image

About his paintings under the sheets, he rapidly cut repetition short by wrinkling, folding and tearing them. He nailed them on wood, one could almost say he crucified them, covered with other brush strokes bringing out a piercing expression of beyond the grave, or traces of blood: nothing seductive either, but with an incredible force

He dedicated several of these works to Bernard Réquichot, who he met at the Daniel Cordier gallery, and who also broke the codes of painting without renouncing them in the 1950’s.  Dado then revives the force of his works from the 1960’s, rendered almost abstract by atomizing the structure, but letting the skulls and silhouettes survive.