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" Drawing "

March has become the month devoted to drawings in Paris.  We have made a selection of our most beautiful “papers”. Drawings are an important part of the work of the artists we have chosen.

From 12 March to 16 May 2020Discover

Exhibitions finish

Robert Groborne

" Retrospective "

Robert Groborne’s work includes sculptures, bas-reliefs, paintings, drawings and photo-graphs. We are showing forty-some works from the 70’s to 2019.

From 6 February to 7 March 2020Discover

Exhibitions finish


" Painting according to Saint St Luke "

From November 14 to December 21, 2019, we are dedicating our new exhibition to Dado. We have selected about forty works showing how an artist mistreats painting under the aegis of the patron saint of painters.

From 14 November 2019 to 21 December 2019Discover

Exhibitions finish

Michel Macréau

" Alone in the 60's "

We dedicate our new exhibition to Michel Macréau. For this exhibition, we have selected about forty paintings and drawings from the artist's major period, the 1960s.

From 12 September 2019 to 26 October 2019Discover


Tribute to Jean Hélion 3/4

  Hélion converted what could have been the worst handicap for a painter, a growing visual deficiency, into esthetic audaciousness.  Faces are smoothed over, relations between the subjects become essential. “The ability to see the whole is increased by the...

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Tribute to Jean Hélion 2/4

  Jean Hélion was always immersed in his times.  He was one of the first abstract painters of his generation, in 1930, beside his forerunners, Torres-Garcia, Mondrian, and Van Doesbourg, but without deviating from reality, in contrast to the more...

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Tribute to Jean Hélion 1/4

  One cannot understand the coherence and originality of Hélion’s work (1904-1987), his contribution to 20th Century, art without taking a long look at his paintings, seeing and re-seeing them to find their leading theme, the complexity of their construction...

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Gradual reopening

During the two months of lockdown, I wanted to keep the links of friendly cultural contact between us open, sharing our way of looking at the works that we love. Thank you for responding.  A large majority of you regularly...

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Online exhibition of Drawings

We have put a video on line of our exhibition of Drawings.  It was recorded rapidly with a cell-phone before the gallery closed. Nonetheless it makes it possible to see our exhibit rapidly and to escape into the universe of...

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Partnership between the Alain Margaron Galerie and the National Museum of Modern Art

  The Gallery has signed a partnership agreement with the National Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou Center concerning the publication of a special series of the “Cahiers du Musée” which accompanies a new exhibition of the 20th Century collection. For...

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