Clara Fierfort

Born in 1989, Clara Fierfort joined the gallery at the age of 19. Discovering Fred Deux’s work on the walls of the gallery was a shock for her: this influence filtered through her first productions.

But the power of her lines and the precision of her approach already set her apart: they endow her drawings with a highly architectural “layout”, sometimes reminiscent of comic books. Her work has increasingly gained in presence and personality.

1989:     born in Reims

2007:      Baccalauréat S [scientific] with distinction

2007 – 2008: Preparatory course at the Atelier de Sèvres, Paris

2008 – 2009: Three months at the Villa Arson (Nice), which she decides to leave

Since 2010: Has taken part in several group exhibitions at the Galerie Alain Margaron.

Our new exhibition, “Nature de l’être”, presents nearly 80 drawings by Anselme Boix-Vives, Dado, Fred Deux, Aurel Cojan, Clara Fierfort, Robert Groborne, René Laubiès, François Lunven, Michel Macréau and Bernard Réquichot. All of these drawings are characterized by their interiority. The surge of emotion when contemplating nature, a monument or during an encounter, an intimate vibration that shapes the call of our subconscious, an approach of the mysteries of birth, death, the passing or halting of time… It is this seismography of life that drawing enables us to trace as closely as possible. It upsets our certainties, guides our thoughts towards unexplored territories and helps us find answers.